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CCTV – for Pizzerias and other Restaurants July 9, 2010

Posted by ukehub in Full CCTV Security Discussion.
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—>: Hi, I am one of the Chat Operators here at UKCCTV. How can I assist you today?
–>: hi
–>: what I’m looking for is a system for 2 small units I run next to each other
–>: 1: a burger kiosk
–>: 2: a pizza takeaway/delivery
–>: there tends to be a lot of greese in the atmosphere so i need a camera that will be durable abd will stand up to a lot of cleaning
–>: is there such a thing?
—>: Let me check this for you…
–>: Please wait while I transfer the chat to ‘Kevin’.
–>: You are now chatting with ‘Kevin’
–>: Hi Kevin
–>: Hi Andy. OK, so you require a 2 robust camera complete system with recording I understand?
–>: I have to small high output food outlets 1 burger kiosk and 1 pizza takeaway/delivery
–>: unfortunately they are not connected other than wirelessly
–>: I would like to monitor both opporations from my office off site
–>: the cams I need will need to stan dup to the greese/cleaning etc
–>: do you feel 1 cam each place would be enough?
–>: That depends on how big the place is?
–>: Are they small shops?
–>: do you have a guide?
–>: relatively small shops with upto 4-5 emplyees in at 1 time
–>: 2 cameras would be ideal at both corners looking diagnally
–>: and do people tend to get microphones installed too?
–>: Not a lot to be honest.
–>: ok thanks – I have had a camera in before but the greese seemed to have got inside it etc. and with cleaning the outter dome became dull
–>: o you have any hardwaring/durible solutions?
–>: I wouldn’t recommend a dome in your scenario. It would have to be an outdoor camera which withstands this. How it would work is, basically you would have 1 or 2 cameras attached to a DVR. DVR will be connected to your Internet router to broadcast images over the Internet.
–>: So you need to have DVR and Internet at both places.
–>: I have internet in 1 and a wireless conetion in the other – if I have a DVR I guess it wouldnt matter if the connection wasnt 100% perfect all the time as it would be recxorded?
–>: Absolutely! The DVR has a built in hard drive where images can be set to store continuously or upon motion detection.
–>: ok great and then would this save on my office pc as well or no need?
–>: It has a USB port so you can just stick in a USB stick and download images that you need and play it on a PC or use it for police evidence.
–>: ok and so what about staff tampering with – prehaps ‘accidentaly’ taking out wires etc if they dont like the idea of being recorded
–>: could you let me know which cameras you would recomend as well please



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