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Residential and Business CCTV Camera Systems April 9, 2010

Posted by ukehub in Full CCTV Security Discussion.
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–>: I wanted to buy a 25m-50m range night vision camera.
–>: 1stly, which is best:The advance or advance pro?
–>: Much differnce in quality?
—>: Advance is for a residential premises and the Advance Pro is for businesses.
–>: 2ndly, is there any difference in quality between the 25m and 50m camera
—>: Not much difference is quality, however there is a slight difference.
—>: Do you know the product code of the camera you have in mind?
–>: OK. I was thinking of buying the 2x50m and 2x25m advance night vision package. Are they provided with brackets and mounts or do i need to buy them seperatly?
—>: Brackets and screws supplied with the camera.
–>: ok
—>: The package has all the necessary cables and power supplies for a working system.
–>: The flat screen monitor 17inch is branded as LG. What brands are the 19 and 22 inch please?
—>: It will be LG or another company such as Samsung etc
–>: Also much do you charge for installing the complete package. How long does it take?
–>: I presume you are located in London-is there a charge for call out as well? I’m located in Kent, Maidstone area.
—>: As Christmas time is near, our Installers are quite busy, however sometimes a job is finished earlier than expected and a day or 2 opens up for another job.
—>: We are located in London. There is a call out charge, however if you purchase the system from us, then that will be deducted.
–>: OK-but cost of installation, minutes/ hours it takes?
—>: a 4 camera installation is approx £589.95. Depending on whether you want the wires trunked etc the price may vary slightly. 6-8 hours usually, but finished within 1 working.
–>: OK. And the hard drive for the 4 cameras come with 750gb?
—>: Yes, it does.
–>: How many days do they store video recorded data before it deletes everything?
—>: The DVR has an option to alert you when the Hard drive reaches capacity. It won’t delete any info without your permission, however there is a setting where you can tell it to over-write from beginning.
—>: 750GB on motion detection ( depending on how busy the area is) would give you around 5-6 weeks worth of recording.
–>: Ok.Is there any guarantee/warranty for the product and installation-if so for how long?
—>: All products come with a 1 year warranty and the installation does come with the option of 1 year maintenance, I will have to check that with the Installation team.
–>: And I presume you still have the camera system packages in stock at the moment-Package Code: PKG-0931
—>: Let me check that for you.
–>: thanks | http://www.ukcctv.co.uk


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