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Cheap CCTV Camera System April 8, 2010

Posted by ukehub in Full CCTV Security Discussion.
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->>> I am looking to choose a simple CCTV system fora small Community-Run Village Shop. It incorporates a Post Office counter (open type).
->>> The shop just about breaks even so we do not have a huge budget!
->> OK no problem. How many indoor/outdoor cameras are you looking to mount?
->>> Deterrence is the main aim, and therefore making volunteer staff feel better protected.
->>> I guess that we would as a minimum want a camera trained on the door and another surveilling the counter area.
->> So both indoor basically?
->>> Probably a third to monitor a rear door to the store area.
->>> The last would be external
->>> (We are currently in a portacabin but will move into a new building next spring. I am planning for the new building but would probably mount the equipment in the portacabin in the meantime)
->> OK, where would you keep the recorder and how far would that be from each camera?
->>> Good question. Probably 8-15ft away from the counter in the rear area. Doubt that any camera would be more than 25ft from the recorder. (However for security reasons we are also looking at the possibility of mounting the recorder in the room above the shop -owned by the Parish Council)
->>> In this case distances would be somewhat longer.
->> OK based on your requirements if you are looking for a basic 3 camera setup then you are looking at around £350 exc.
->>> What would we get for that?
->> 2 indoor dome cameras. 1 outdoor 10m night vision camera. 1 DVR with 160GB HD and USB back up. Cables and power supplies.
->> Basically a plug and play system.
->> http://www.ukcctv.co.uk/night-vision-cctv-security-camera-420-tvl-colour-nvc-s10a.aspx
->> http://www.ukcctv.co.uk/sony-cctv-security-camera-420-tvl-dome-colour-dc-ha.aspx
->> http://www.ukcctv.co.uk/d-b4b-4-cameras-basic-dvr.aspx
->> Links for the products above.
->>> Thanks, what sort of quality would the recorded pictures be. Would they satisfy police requirements if there was a problem?
->> Yes the quality is good enough to meet minimum police standards.
->>> You asked about distances – what is the maximum cable distance (camera to recorder)?
->>> Would the dome cameras operate at night?
->> It can be anything up to a 100m. We do 5m, 10m, 15m and 40m ready made cables.
->> No the dome cameras does not have night vision. Do you require night vision for indoors as well?
->>> Probably a good idea.
->> http://www.ukcctv.co.uk/Standard-Resolution-2.5-Inches-13-Sony-CCD-420-TVL-3.6-mm-Lens.aspx
->>> Varifocal lens – does this mean that the width of the field of view can be adjusted (like a zoom lens) ?
->> that’s right. The camera in the link above comes with night vision.
->> But with a wide angle fixed lens.
->>> OK, many thanks – will probably come back with some more questions but that is fine for now.
->> No problem. You’re welcome.


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