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Police Quality Imaging High Quality Home CCTV March 30, 2010

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–>: hi looking for a price on a exterior camera system for my home want to be able to view via the internet and i phone once installed
—>: No problem. How many outdoor/indoor cameras are you looking to install?
–>: at the mo only say 2/3 outdoor cameras and be able to add more
—>: How far do you need to see from the cameras especially in the dark?
–>: may be 10 to 15 mts max
—>: OK and are you looking at something with high quality or something that basically does the job?
–>: have been advised to go for higher quality so price for those?
—>: http://www.ukcctv.co.uk/2-Camera–Wired-Outdoor-Recording-Advance-System-cctv-security-systems-digital-home-commercial-uk-PKG-0907.jsf
—>: This would be my recommended system.
—>: One of our best sellers with fantastic night vision and coloured day time images.
—>: High resolution for police quality imaging.
—>: Ability to add 2 more cameras in the system for future.
—>: Facilitates remote viewing from any where in the world upon connecting the DVR to the Internet router.
–>: ok do you price yourself? if so can you price for supply only and also installion
—>: Sure. Supply only price is listed on the above URL £534.49.
—>: £534.49 exc.
—>: Let me work out the with supply and fit. How far would be the recorder from each camera?
—>: And are you based in London?
–>: aprox 5 to 10 mts iam based in leicestershire
—>: We can supply and fit the system for you for £920 exc.
—>: This would include high graded video cable/trunking with setting up your system over the Internet and complimentary system training.
–>: ok is this for 2 or 3 cameras? can you do anything on the price? would i need to purchase anything else to complete the system, we do have a fixed computor set up at home
—>: This is for 2 cameras. Are you looking for supply only or supply and fit? And I can see if I can do anything on the price for you.
–>: it depends on how easy it would be to fit? can you price for both,i take it i dont need to purchase anything else for the system to work,how long does the system record for?
—>: It is a plug and play system. Obviously with our installation we do the job professionally with cables, settings and what have you. Yes you wouldn’t require to purchase any thing else to make this work. The system would record for 2 weeks on 2 cameras recording continuously.
—>: The recording time can be increased if you put it on motion detection.
–>: ok and the prices?
—>: The best we can do on supply only is £510 exc and on supply and installation £880 exc.


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